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Here at ace's Happy Abstract Art you can enjoy some of the worlds absolute finest in abstract art. Every week ace-1 will personally add one of his very own abstract creations, but please feel free to contribute any abstract art that you have to ace-1@ace-1.com To see the full size, just click on the image.


Illustrated by Frosty

(The green swirl symoblizes the collective mind of all mankind.  The barely visible block located in the center demonstrates the finite life of man, it's strong edges binding our time and space to a limited span.  The swirling red vortex illustrates the the nature of man; always changing, always at odds with itself within itself.  It too, is bound - bound by the borders of the image.  This binding is a calm reminder that we shall never attain divinity.  That we shall always be mortal servants of the one who lies just beyond our limited universe of comprehension.)