Yes folks, this is that once in a lifetime opportunity to actually write a Pepper.  Pepper has told me that he feels somewhat detached from his fans and suggested to me that a sort of "Pepper Mailbag" if you will, should be created.  No no, I know what you're thinking, I'll mail something in to Pepper, ace Hyphen One will intercept it and he and Byydo will make fun of me.  No, we limit that only to the CIC Mailbag

The way this system will work is that you simply send Pepper any mail you want, drawings, songs, poems, jokes, or questions.  Be creative, Pepper likes that.  Pepper will then read the letter personally and post all submissions either in the Pepper Appreciation Center, or privately answer your question in a loving manner. 

Simply send all of your creative creations to and Pepper will try and give you a speedy response.

Pepper Appreciation Center  
From Tommy:

Dear Pepper,

I love you and think you're the best monkey ever! I sent a picture of my kat cause he's cute. Please write back!