Pepper says, "Check out the view."

As with all Pepper pictures these all first premiered on the ever popular AHCZ before being placed here. Simpy click on the picture to enlarge it to the resolution that it was intended to be seen at.
Due to the growing number of Pepper pictures the archive has been split into multiple pages.

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This was the first publicly released Pepper picture meant to simply catch the public off guard with a very large picture of a smiling monkey. This picture was released only about 2 hours after the original Pepper picture and was created to give Pepper a more intellectual look.
No, Pepper is not a Nazi.  This picture was made after a picture of Pepper and Heinrich Himmler was requested. This picture was also requested.  The famous LOAF thought it would be great if the ever popular Chris Reid was introduced to Pepper.
This picture was made quickly very early Easter morning so as not to make all AHH visitors unhappy on Easter day. This is the second time Pepper is seen with Chris Reid, because hey, you can never have too much Crid.
This picture was planned to be the third Pepper picture, but was only made until recently to increase Pepper's popularity among the religious. Eagle did say he'd shoot Pepper you know...
I just thought it would be nice if Pepper could fly, so he can. This Pepper picture was made to show just how happy Pepper is that its AHH month yet again.
LOAF, Chris, Pepper and Wing Commander all in 51kb?  Yes, it is possible. Pepper was actually a world famous dragon slayer.