Pepper says, "Check out the view."

As with all Pepper pictures these all first premiered on the ever popular AHCZ before being placed here. Simpy click on the picture to enlarge it to the resolution that it was intended to be seen at.
Due to the growing number of Pepper pictures the archive has been split into multiple pages.

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You know that this will be the next Elmo thing come Christmas... Don't be too depressed that AHH month is over...
This AHH Month, a certain monkey is going to blow you away...again  The very first Pepper picture ever created. It has never been released to the public... until today.
Pepper returns again to the deck of a famous Wing Commander carrier for a visit with a famous WC personality.  Notice the slick bartender who suspiciously resembles Captain Johnny. A long lost picture of both ace Hyphen One and Pepper spending some quality time in the woods of Ultima Online.
Pepper just wanted me to tell you he said, "Happy ace's Happy Month." Pepper decided it would finally be a good time to get in on the old stupid joke.
Kick his ass Pepper. The vision of Pepper emerging from the darkness to once again brighten your life.
The holier side of Pepper. A Pepper picture that had sat uncompleted for a number of years until I finally dug up the effort to complete it. I don't even remember who originally requested to see Pepper on the moon anymore, but I hope they're happy.